I did a live interview with Ambroise Debret on Facebook recently and we had a wonderful time chatting with each other.

We talked about my experience as a digital nomad, my background, what I do now, how I got started, how I live as a nomad and some tips and tricks about living this lifestyle.

This one is in French again. I hope you'll find something useful out of it!

Feel free to share!

- Benedicte

Élan conference

I was invited to participate in Élan, a conference organized by the SDE (Société Économique de Développement) to celebrate the Francophone Entrepreneurial movement in British Columbia.

It is a one-day conference where speakers, experts and panelists from across the country met. It was great to “remotely” take part of it and give my insights about the Millenials in the workplace, amongst other great information on the latest trends in technology, innovation, people management and sustainability. The video is in French.


- Benedicte

Interview with beachcity

I had the chance to be interviewed by BeachCity Media at Punspace during my week long trip to Chiang Mai. I was there to attend The Nomad Summit 2018. It was really a great way to find out the latest trends in Digital Nomadism and I get to meet so many fellow digital nomads!

Chiang Mai is indeed the best place to be based as a digital nomad. Lovely weather all year round, really good variety of food and yes, there’s like-minded people EVERYWHERE, so you can easily be inspired!

Enjoy the video!

- Benedicte