By finding purpose in what you do, you can find alignment in your whole professional life – develop new skills, defeat self-defeating habits, improve performance and overcome obstacles to your growth.

Coaching is a process that can help you meet your potential by defining who you are, what you are meant to do and how to use your unique skills to do it.

Through coaching, you can become better aware of your strengths and wants by assessing the actions you take and the actions you choose not to take. With that awareness comes the confidence to make choices, set goals and a path to create the career you want.

I specialize in career and professional development coaching, which uses your professional career as a lens to bring focus to your entire life. It can help you navigate your career, find meaningful work and excel at it.

Coaching is built on an equal partnership between coach and client. 



  • To lead the process based on your goals and be accountable for the actions required to reach them


  • Adapt the coaching system to meet your needs
  • Act as a mirror so you can evaluate your decisions and reflect on your actions
  • Hold you accountable for your own plans and actions


  • Find fulfillment in your personal and professional life
  • Improve your leadership and decision making
  • Develop confidence, focus and meaning
  • Find a career
  • Overcome professional challenges
  • Prepare for a new role
  • Open a business
  • Integrate into a new team, career or country
  • Recover from burnout
  • Develop self esteem
  • Set work-life balance



People who come to coaching for professional advice or an easy fix will be disappointed.  

Coaching is a deep, transformative process that requires hard work and introspection.  It is built on the positive, committed relationship between the coach and client, but led by you.

Coaching is not advice, therapy or counseling. I will not do the work for you. My role is to catalyze and motivate. I am here to hold you responsible for finding your own solutions and accountable to the objectives and timelines you set for yourself.

Only you have the answer to your problems. In the coaching partnership, you are the leader. I am just a guide. And it is through the work you put in between the coaching sessions where you will find your answers.

Life offers so many opportunities and it can be so difficult to sort out what we really want in our life. Benedicte came to my life at a moment when I needed some help to clarify my thoughts and goals in life. First, I really like how professional and organized she is, and right at the beginning she was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. She listened carefully any of my fears and concerns (there were many!). She helped me to explore deeply what I really want in my life and guided me slowly but surely toward the discovery of my most important values (the ones that are non negotiables to me and that should be present in my lifestyle at any time). Through various exercises, she guided me toward a better knowledge and acceptance of myself, finding out what are my needs at work, my strengths and weaknesses, and using those to set up my next goals in my professional life. I really enjoyed the conversations we had: Benedicte brought me through deep reflections, she helped me to find the answers to my main questions and gave me important inputs when needed. Most of all, she constantly reminded me that: everything is possible in life! Since the work I have done with her, I went through important changes in my life (I changed my job as well as my location) and, changes are still happening. Thank you Benedicte!
— Stéphanie Beauseigle, Research Assistant, Biopterre, Research Center in Bioproducts, Québec, Canada