STRONG INTEREST Inventory career assessment

I am certified to administer the Strong Interest Inventory career assessment - one of the world’s most widely used and respected career planning tools. It provides insights into a person’s career interests and helps them discover potential careers they may not have considered.

It is used by individuals who need guidance identifying careers that suit their strengths, preferences and abilities.

The test itself is a short online questionnaire that asks you to answer questions on your interest in a range of activities. It will provide an in-depth report of your interests that will:

  • map out your general interest patterns to describe your personality and preferred work environments
  • provide specific information about your areas of interest
  • relates your interests to those of satisfied workers within the field
  • describes your preferred style of working, learning, leading, risk taking and team participation
  • provide a list of recommended jobs and industries that best fit your personality

Together, we can analyze this report to help you identify a career focus and begin your career planning process. This debrief is the most important part of the assessment. Without it, the report is useless. While the test may only take 30 minutes and can be taken online, the interpretation of the final report results and the design of a plan of action based on it requires several coaching sessions. More information here.

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment is part of the 'Changing my Career' coaching program, and can also be accessed via online workshops.  



The 'Growing your Career' coaching program integrates another assessment: Praditus. It is a people science platform – an unbeatable tool to optimize both job satisfaction and performance. You will have a full perspective of your aspirations and strengths thanks to 10 modules, which provide a full range of insights into your values, personality, aspirations, skills, and ideal team roles. The self-positioning is translated into your leadership framework through 30 behavioural competencies and a direct access to individualized learning/development resources. More information here


360-degree feedback

I can administer the 360-degree feedback test – an assessment that seeks anonymous feedback on your competencies from multiple sources that know and work with you.

We all have our own beliefs about our abilities, but we are naturally biased and limited in our perceptions. The anonymous feedback from the test will show how others’ perceptions reinforce or differ from our own perceptions. It provides valuable insight that can be used to improve performance and develop and evaluate more realistic plans.

The 360-degree feedback is commonly provided to leaders of organizations, but is appropriate for anyone within their career. Feedback will be garnered from people who engage with you in multiple roles - as a supervisor, colleague, subordinate and customer. 



Clementine Porot.200x200.jpg

Benedicte has been a wonderful guide to help me get back on the right track of my career. After 8 years climbing the ladder of an international company, I felt I had totally lost my passion and purpose, and was just deeply unhappy. Benedicte has helped me to assess my working culture and to ask myself the right questions to truly figure out what I needed at work in order to feel accomplished. I would certainly recommend her guidance to anybody who is at a crossroad or that simply need to be reminded about what truly matters in their work-life balance.
— Clementine Porot, Events Manager, Le Comptoir, Hong Kong

Benedicte was recommended to me by a friend, at a time when I was completely lost in my career. She helped me in just a few months see very clearly what I wanted, where I was and where I wanted to go. The tools she used and the homework she made me do, helped me realize what is driving me professionally, and what would fulfill me the most. She understands everybody works differently and adapts to her client’s needs, for myself, she was always here to push me when I needed to and she gave me confidence to go out of my comfort zone to get what I wanted. I am so glad we worked together!
— Juliette Appert, Export manager, Bureau François Lillet, Bordeaux, France
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Bénédicte is one of the few people I’ve had the chance and privilege to work with who has changed my life drastically. She is such a fantastic life coach and a wonderful person, I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone who would like to grow career wise. She is a very passionate person and her dedication to her work transcends in every aspect it. She listens, analyzes, helps, challenges, pushes, encourages, believes and accompanies her clients on this very difficult yet blossoming path of self-discovery and growth. Everything that came out of this coaching relationship was positive. I will for sure use her help again in a near future but until then, I can only be extremely grateful for everything she has done.
— Annie Chbat, Eyelash artist, Lashified, Vancouver