Our career should be filled with joy and fulfillment. Yet so many of us don’t know what we want. We survive in our day-to-day jobs, but haven’t yet found our raison d’être – the work that gives our lives purpose.

However, it is only once we discover our raison d’être that our career truly begins. And to do that, we must know ourselves. 

Coaching can help you define who you are and what you are meant to do. It is a deep partnership that will motivate you to make the changes necessary to create the career you deserve, meet your potential and be fulfilled. 



What we do defines who we are, and vice versa. 'Changing my Career' coaching program can help you find the career that matches how you work and what you value so your work can give your life purpose and meaning. 

It is a process-oriented discipline that can help you assess your career with honesty and understanding to set goals for change. It also offers practical and critical tools to meet these goals.

Career coaching will not find you a job. A coach’s job is to hold you accountable for your decisions and plan of action. It is not to line up an interview for you.



'Changing my Career' coaching program is for anyone who wants to build and improve their careers by radically changing them. It can help you find your ‘dream job’ – even if you don’t know what it is yet – by supporting you in identifying what you want and value, finding a career that matches it and making a plan to get there.



It’s for people who feel stuck in their career. Maybe even trapped. While their job may offer stability and some form of financial comfort, they are unfulfilled but don’t know how to make a change.  



  • Strong Interest Inventory test and debrief
  • Self exploration of values, work styles and needs
  • 360 – to seek the confidential feedback of friends, family and colleagues
  • Competencies assessment
  • Informal interviews in potential careers
  • Plan of Action (including Plan B)
  • Resume and cover letter advice for your new career

Learn more about assessments



  • Finding and changing career
  • Finding fulfillment with a meaningful career
  • Improving confidence 
  • Overcoming professional challenges
  • A chosen career that fits your personality
  • Recovering from a burnout
  • Creating work-life balance
  • Designing a career lifestyle 
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Map out your general interest patterns to describe your personality and preferred work environments.


Understand the key components of an effective job search and learn how to develop and implement them.


Whether you are in Canada where I am located or on the other side of the world, you can participate! A 4 series workshop to help you identify your dream job. This 4 series workshop is delivered ONLINE!   

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When I found Benedicte, I was lost. After years of not feeling in control of my life, I knew I had to make a change. She helped me learn that I would never know what I wanted to do, until I knew myself. We identified my saboteurs, core values, and what my ideal work environment looked like.
I learned how to be aware of my own mental roadblocks, how to navigate them, and prevent them from resurfacing. Benedicte is passionate about her work, empathetic and gentle when needed, but also firm and encouraging when appropriate. After a three month session with her, I have a fulfilling new job, more motivation and a renewed sense of passion. My only regret is not starting this journey earlier! I encourage anyone who feels lost in their life and career to invest in themselves and work with Benedicte.
— Julia MacKenzie, Engineering Operations Clerk, District of North Vancouver, North Vancouver

Bénédicte Flouriot helped me realize my potential, build creative confidence and transform my personal and professional life. She is an exceptional coach – passionate, supportive, and encouraging. Bénédicte is doing exactly what she should be doing in life, and I would encourage anyone and everyone to work with her to bring that same truth to your life. Everyday I am grateful to have worked with her.
— Carling Borne, Vancouver, Canada

Working with Benedicte was a pleasure. When I started I felt drained, unmotivated, and lost.  I had no clue where to go with my career.  Benedicte helped me to open my eyes to realize my real strengths, weaknesses, and the environment in which I would reach my full potential.  She also helped me uncover my core values and realize that every decision I make needs to relate back to my core values.  The changes did not happen over night but slowly the situations in my life started to change and I am now back to loving life, feeling full of energy, and excited for what awaits in the future.  I would highly recommend working with Benedicte.
— Jesse Pauls, Project Manager, Construction Industry, Vancouver