Charlène Collet, London

Charlène Collet, London

I am very happy to have opened the doors of an endless journey towards more serenity and fulfilment since I started coaching with Benedicte. I know her thorough approach and advise will always continue to help me find my right way and overcome all kinds of doubts or challenges. I now feel completely empowered and just exciting to be on the right track to nail my next career changes or questions.

I am lucky to have first crossed Benedicte’s path in 2017 at the Institute Paul Bocuse where she offered her services to our Master in Hospitality Management. I am happy to have taken this useful time from the beginning of my professional career. I definitely recommend to take this introspective time to anyone who wish to explore their feelings and desires more deeply, in order to create more meaning and find this inner incredible energy.

After that, you just stick with a global impression of ‘there’s no mountain high enough’!
— Charlène Collet, Events Sales Executive, The Langham Hotel, London

I chose to work with Bénédicte as she was recommended to me by another coach who told me that she specialized in career coaching and would be a good match for my career transition search. I was skeptic about working through phone/video: we had a first appointment and I really liked Bénédicte’s approach. She managed to make me feel like we’re in the same room and like we’ve known each other forever, with a supportive and trusting climate. Her contract was also really clear and reassuring about her method. I started working with her and she helped me look at my interests in a different way and uncover leads that I wouldn’t have thought about. She also helped me connect with people from the different domains that I was looking into. I have already recommended Bénédicte to different people and I will certainly do it again.

Thank you.
— Marie, Burnaby
Marie, Burnaby

Marie, Burnaby

Anne, Montreal

Anne, Montreal

I met Benedicte in Vancouver during a networking event. She was one of the speakers and shared her experience as a coach. I really liked her approach. A few months later I moved to Montreal and knew she was there too. I was at a point in my professional life where I was lost and I wanted someone to help me figured out what to do next. I decided to contact Benedicte and ask her to be my career coach.

She helped me reflect on me, what are my values, what is very important for me in a job and with the Strong test, I realized that I am more an artistic person than I thought.
Benedicte is always available between sessions if you need her help or guidance. She will adapt the content of the sessions to your needs. I really enjoyed her coach services.

We just have finished our 6 sessions and I have a better idea of what kind of job will be a good fit for me. Now it’s up to me to find this dream job.
— Anne, Montreal

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Benedicte. I first contacted her as I have been facing difficulties in my current workplace, which were limiting me to reach my full potential. I was not feeling confident and did not know where to start. Working with Benedicte gave me so much strength as she helps you realize you are the best you can ever be, you just need to work on how to show it to others. The technique she used in our journey is such that you learn how to find some of the answers you need - it is a very thought-provoking process. The coaching experience was so helpful that within less than three months, I was able to find another job and I am now making an important change in my career. I know this will not be the last but what I have learned from these sessions will guide me through my next turning point, I know that for sure. For me the most important aspect was that I did not feel alone, I did fight, it was my fight but I felt supported and Benedicte was always approachable when I needed to discuss some of the decisions I had to go through. I fully recommend her services to everyone, but the key is, you have to be ready to take this journey and make a change. I was not happy with where I was three months ago, and now sailing onto a new journey. There will always be challenges, but by working with Benedicte, I chose to change my life and be happy. Why wait?
— Anonymous, Head of Unit – Research, Dundee

Working with Bénédicte has undoubtedly transformed a lot of things for me. In a context of global inner change, Bénédicte was able to help me identify the blockages, but also to draw on my own strengths and allow me to keep growing in my professional path; she knew how to bring me answers and concrete tips adapted to my problematic and to my personality.

Her professionalism and sincere commitment to her clients provide the right conditions to work effectively and bring about lasting positive change. Bénédicte has this extraordinary ability to help you take back your own power and dare to go towards the goals which we set ourselves. It can seem “farfelu”, but if I can teach to my kids what Bénédicte taught me, I will be an accomplished mother.
— Emilie Bichon, Entrepreneur, Lyon
Emilie Bichon, Entrepreneur, Lyon

Emilie Bichon, Entrepreneur, Lyon

In late 2017 I had reached a point in my career where I knew I wanted a change, but was unsure of what direction to take. Benedicte came highly recommended by a friend, and it made sense to me to seek her professional advice. Through her coaching, she helped me uncover how to navigate my options by providing sound guidance and insights.

Around the same time a job was posted that was unfamiliar territory to me but I knew it was the right move. I can honestly say that it was the best career move I could have made, and I am grateful for Benedicte’s coaching and guidance at that time. Benedicte makes her clients dig deep and understand what motivates them, and I would highly recommend her career coaching as she provides a professional lens on something that is integral to our lives.
— Gisele Fisher, Manager, Marketing, Leisure Travel, Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), Vancouver

mauritz lundt.200x200.jpg
I contacted Benedicte for assistance and guidance on how to structure my career for the next five to ten years. I was at a stage in my career where I did not know how to move forward or how to develop myself further. We started off with small goals and objectives and we linked some timelines to that. Throughout the three-month process, Benedicte kept me on my toes with various tasks and exercises. These tasks helped me to think for myself rather than looking at her for answers. She provided great guidance by asking the right questions at the right time. She always made me think in order to come up with the solutions and answers myself.

Now after three months of coaching, I know much more about myself and my own passions and interests than I have ever known before. I still do not have all the answers to all my questions but I now have all the right tools to accomplish great success in my career going forward.

Benedicte helped me to put things in perspective and made me realize what strong aspects I have in my personality that can carry me to the next level. She provided me with these great building blocks that I can use to take the next step. I will continue to work with Benedict on a longer-term basis because I feel that career coaching is like training for a marathon, you have to keep training in order to stay fit!
— Mauritz Lundt, Senior Process Engineer, Sepro Mineral Systems Corp, Vancouver

Working with Benedicte was a pleasure. When I started I felt drained, unmotivated, and lost. I had no clue where to go with my career. Benedicte helped me to open my eyes to realize my real strengths, weaknesses, and the environment in which I would reach my full potential. She also helped me uncover my core values and realize that every decision I make needs to relate back to my core values. The changes did not happen over night but slowly the situations in my life started to change and I am now back to loving life, feeling full of energy, and excited for what awaits in the future. I would highly recommend working with Benedicte.
— Jesse Pauls, Project Manager, Govan Brown & Associates, Vancouver

I’ve experience a powerful transformation in my life over the past 6 months and I credit my coaching sessions with Benedicte as being the very thing that kick started this amazing journey. I knew I was on the verge of a change both personally and professionally but I wasn’t sure what to do next. After months of feeling stuck, a friend of mine recommended coaching with Benedicte and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Benedicte introduced me to tools and exercises that assisted me in finding clarity and focus. She helped me embrace my core strengths and values as well as identify self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns that were holding me back from achieving my goals. She is an experienced, empathetic and gifted coach with a genuine passion for helping her clients rise to their true potential. I’m truly grateful that Benedicte came into my life, working with her has been a priceless investment in my future.
— Christie Pike, Digital Communications Specialist, SelfDesign Learning Systems Inc, Vancouver
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It’s been my great pleasure to meet Bénédicte at a time when I needed some guidance. I knew I needed a change in my career, but I was lacking clarity on my future professional goals. Bénédicte helped me gain a better understanding of my inner interests. Together, we worked on various facets of the professional challenge I brought to the table. I’ve very much enjoyed brainstorming with Bénédicte and I’m thankful for our collaboration as I have now identified my next big project and I’m preparing for the big jump! Bénédicte, you’re a very talented coach, thank you for all the precious insights!
— Anonymous, Vancouver, Canada

Julia MacKenzie.200x200jpg.jpg
When I found Benedicte, I was lost. After years of not feeling in control of my life, I knew I had to make a change. She helped me learn that I would never know what I wanted to do, until I knew myself. We identified my saboteurs, core values, and what my ideal work environment looked like. I learned how to be aware of my own mental roadblocks, how to navigate them, and prevent them from resurfacing. Benedicte is passionate about her work, empathetic and gentle when needed, but also firm and encouraging when appropriate. After a three month session with her, I have a fulfilling new job, more motivation and a renewed sense of passion. My only regret is not starting this journey earlier! I encourage anyone who feels lost in their life and career to invest in themselves and work with Benedicte.
— Julia MacKenzie, Engineering Operations Clerk, District of North Vancouver, North Vancouver

I have known Benedicte since 2015, she became my mentor in 2016. We connected through Dress for Success’s Professional Women’s Group and maintained monthly meetings for over a year.
Without Benedicte’s encouragement, consistency and companionship I would not be where I am today in my business. Our relationship gave me the courage to go where I didn’t even think possible, it challenged me to grow personally, professionally and within my community. Benedicte has a magic about her that you will know as soon as you connect with her. Her gift is sharing that magic to help you go where you never thought possible. I would highly recommend her and plan on keeping in touch with her as she embarks on more nomadic travels and look forward to the day she will take her clients along.
— Deanna Flinn, Photographer, Free Admission Photography, Vancouver, Canada.

Benedicte was recommended to me by a friend, at a time when I was completely lost in my career. She helped me in just a few months see very clearly what I wanted, where I was and where I wanted to go. The tools she used and the homework she made me do, helped me realize what is driving me professionally, and what would fulfill me the most. She understands everybody works differently and adapts to her client’s needs, for myself, she was always here to push me when I needed to and she gave me confidence to go out of my comfort zone to get what I wanted. I am so glad we worked together!
— Juliette Appert, Export Manager, Bureau François Lillet, Bordeaux, France
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Bénédicte Flouriot helped me realize my potential, build creative confidence and transform my personal and professional life. She is an exceptional coach – passionate, supportive, and encouraging. Bénédicte is doing exactly what she should be doing in life, and I would encourage anyone and everyone to work with her to bring that same truth to your life. Everyday I am grateful to have worked with her.
— Carling Borne, Freelance Graphic Designer, Vancouver, Canada

Elena Yepes.200x200.jpg
I decided to look for a coach because I knew I wanted to succeed but didn’t know what was missing in my life to get “there” or how to do it. Simply put, I didn’t know where or how to start. Never having used a coach before I didn’t know what to expect and was prepared for a lot of positive affirmations and pep talks.
When I met Benedicte, I realized how lucky I was; I had found a true coach. Benedicte calmly listened to me, asked me the right questions and helped me realize what I was looking for. Once I was fully aware of my opportunities for improvement, Benedicte gave me tools, showed me options, and provided multiple resources so I could continue my path. My focus has now changed, I have accepted who I am and am using Benedicte’s guidance to move forward in my career.
In addition, Benedicte was always on time for all our appointments and available between sessions when I needed to share my progress (or lack of), when I had questions about the tools I was using and to provide encouragement.
I recommend Benedicte to anyone who is looking into improving their career.
— Elena Yepes, Information Systems Manager, Tides Canada, Vancouver, Canada.

I reached out to Bénédicte for support when I found myself in a very unsure and confusing place with respect to my career. Having seen another coach in the past without great success, I approached my relationship with Bénédicte with cautious skepticism at first – only to be proven wrong! With her arsenal of tools, her innate ability to understand her clients and their values and her honesty, Bénédicte has been the perfect guide to help me through my journey of transition. She set up effective homework assignments, and structured our sessions to ensure that I was getting the best value out of her time, her skills and most importantly, myself. Although this may sound cliché, Bénédicte really helped me to think ‘outside the box’.
— Karan Mehta, Vancouver, Canada

Benedicte has been a wonderful guide to help me get back on the right track of my career. After 8 years climbing the ladder of an international company, I felt I had totally lost my passion and purpose, and was just deeply unhappy. Benedicte has helped me to assess my working culture and to ask myself the right questions to truly figure out what I needed at work in order to feel accomplished. I would certainly recommend her guidance to anybody who is at a crossroad or that simply need to be reminded about what truly matters in their work-life balance.
— Clementine Porot, Events Manager, Le Comptoir, Hong Kong
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Life offers so many opportunities and it can be so difficult to sort out what we really want in our life. Benedicte came to my life at a moment when I needed some help to clarify my thoughts and goals in life. First, I really like how professional and organized she is, and right at the beginning she was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. She listened carefully any of my fears and concerns (there were many!). She helped me to explore deeply what I really want in my life and guided me slowly but surely toward the discovery of my most important values (the ones that are non negotiables to me and that should be present in my lifestyle at any time). Through various exercises, she guided me toward a better knowledge and acceptance of myself, finding out what are my needs at work, my strengths and weaknesses, and using those to set up my next goals in my professional life. I really enjoyed the conversations we had: Benedicte brought me through deep reflections, she helped me to find the answers to my main questions and gave me important inputs when needed. Most of all, she constantly reminded me that: everything is possible in life! Since the work I have done with her, I went through important changes in my life (I changed my job as well as my location) and, changes are still happening. Thank you Benedicte!
— Stéphanie Beauseigle, Research Assistant, Biopterre, Research Center in Bioproducts, Québec, Canada

I spent 3 months following long-distance (skype) career “coaching” by Benedicte, and I am glad I did it. Even with the distance, Benedicte managed to make me feel at ease, and she was always available for the sessions (and between sessions). The process was well structured, and she was fully transparent with what had to be done, and where we wanted to go. I never felt pressured, or obliged to follow anything, but I fully trusted her expertise. In fact, she gave me the necessary tools to think by myself. Actually, she not only gave me those tools, but she helped me to use them in the future, by my own. Even if I have more research to do on my own, I see much clearer now and I know what fits me best. I would definitely recommend Benedicte to anyone looking for support and guidance in their professional life. Thank you.
— Alexia Waldvogel, Kindergarten Teacher, Man Sang International Kindergarten, Hong-Kong

After graduating from my MBA, I have spent three years jumping from jobs to jobs. I decided to consult Bénédicte in order to do a skills assessment. I highly recommend Bénédicte for her professionnalism, her empathy, her passion and her involvment in helping me. She helped me to define my project, she helped me to feel more confident about the strengths I was not aware of, so she was not only a career consultant, she has been a great coach and even more she became the friend you expect to have: the one who finally reveals yourself by being honest and supportive! A great thanks for your work Bénédicte because I have FINALLY found my path.
— Olivia Clair, Career advisor for MBA in Hospitality Management students, ESSEC Business School, Cergy, France

Bénédicte is one of the few people I’ve had the chance and privilege to work with who has changed my life drastically. She is such a fantastic life coach and a wonderful person, I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone who would like to grow career wise. She is a very passionate person and her dedication to her work transcends in every aspect it. She listens, analyzes, helps, challenges, pushes, encourages, believes and accompanies her clients on this very difficult yet blossoming path of self-discovery and growth. Everything that came out of this coaching relationship was positive. I will for sure use her help again in a near future but until then, I can only be extremely grateful for everything she has done.
— Annie Chbat, Eyelash artist, Lashified, Vancouver, Canada
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When I was first referred to Bénédicte, I was unaware of the life changing journey that I was about to undergo. I came to her because my life felt stagnant and I lacked the passion that I once held for my profession. Through her versatile and intuitive style of coaching she has helped me to identify both professional and personal values. She has helped me to develop strategies for achieving goals and for honoring my core values. Bénédicte’s encouragement and coaching has since helped me to achieve a new career at which I feel fulfilled and driven. Without her influence I would likely not be where I am today. I strongly believe that there is something for everyone in coaching and would highly recommend Bénédicte to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.
— Ashley Borne, Transportation Designer, BA Group, Toronto, Canada

Olivier Puvis.200x200.jpg
I was very lucky to be able to realise a “bilan de compétence” with Bénédicte in 2014 (about 6 months). She is someone very knowledgeable, skilled and passionate. She was really concerned by my career, my needs and my wishes. She always adapted herself to my feelings throughout our collaboration. She was comforting, focused on my objectives without any pressure but with a lot of understanding and intelligence. Bénédicte helped me a lot, I feel much better today, I am able to look at the future with a lot of serenity, I now have the tools to take good decisions and my thinkings are clear. For all those things, I would highly recommend Bénédicte.
— Olivier Puvis, Professor of Management, Communication and Hospitality-Catering, Groupe de formation IFPC-ESMT, Paris, France

When I first began my coaching relationship with Benedicte I hoped to gain some direction and momentum in my career. At the time I didn’t realize that I had a very low opinion of myself and this was impacting many goals in my life. Benedicte provided me with weekly challenges to practice and apply in my day-to-day. From there I was able to address and focus on specific challenges that were holding me back. As a result, my self-esteem improved and I have a new authentic understanding of what my values and goals are. I now feel clear and confident in not only my career path but in all aspects of my life, I was amazed by the journey it took to get there.
— Sasha Cameron, Art Director, Eminence Organic Skin Care, Vancouver, Canada
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Elyse Dodge.200x200.jpg
Having Benedicte as my Career Coach was one of the best decisions I have made. Benedicte is personable, insightful, caring, calculated, and results oriented. The tools she provided me with are invaluable and something I will use in both my career and personal life. I would not hesitate to recommend Benedicte to anyone looking for a life or career coach!
— Elyse Dodge, Visual Artist, Elyse Dodge Art, Vancouver, Canada

Our organization’s goal is to help people to create their business. But doing so is a great personal and financial investment. Some people are tempted, but they don’t dare and are scared of the unknown. They have a “call,” but they wonder if they are made for it. Benedicte’s workshop helped them figure it out. The feedback that we had from our participants was a 99% satisfaction and a 1% left was due to logistic and not Benedicte performance. So I highly recommend Benedicte’s services. She was prepared, organized and professional. In summary, she knows her stuff and she knows how to use it to the benefit of her clients. 
— Frederique Niel, Business Advisor, SDEBC, Vancouver, Canada
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Nicolas Budzynski.200x200.jpg
I have started a coaching with Benedicte in order to make sure my current career path was suiting my professional and personal objectives. The process was clear and simple, and Benedicte has been providing me with great tools and an excellent follow up. I have been able to define better my career objectives, but also personal ones, while also being provided with objective feedback and advices on how to handle certain difficult decision and discussions. All on all, I am very happy with the work done and the objectives achieved. I would definitely recommend Benedicte for similar type of needs.
— Nicolas Budzynski, Corporate Director of Operations, Kampcatering, Vienna

When I first started evaluating career coach services, I was skeptical but Benedicte’s work ethic and passion shone in our first meeting. Benedicte tailored our sessions to my unique professional case. It felt personalized and throughout our sessions, I could see her dedication to help me find my confidence and articulate my values. We set expectations on what we want out of the coaching relationship in the very beginning and Benedicte really blew me away. With her guidance and support, not only was I able to land the job that I’m extremely happy with, she also gave me the necessary tools to be successful in my work.
— Denise Villanueva, Product Designer, Battlefy, Vancouver
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