Once your professionnel direction is clear, let's set you up for a successful job search. Whether you are looking for an internal opportunity or to grow outside of your current organization, it is important to prepare your approach to job hunting



Together, we can help you find or create the job for you, even if it’s not being advertised. Remember, many jobs aren’t posted. You need to access the hidden job market. Learn to network and build relationships to access the entire job market.



I will provide proven tips to write a resume and cover letter that gets noticed and review your cover letter before you submit it. 



We will role play an interview to help you prepare for the real thing.

I will use traditional and behavioral interviewing questions – just like a real interview – and we will analyze your responses together to strategize the best answers possible.


“I spent 3 months following long-distance (skype) career “coaching” by Benedicte, and I am glad I did it. Even with the distance, Benedicte managed to make me feel at ease, and she was always available for the sessions (and between sessions). The process was well structured, and she was fully transparent with what had to be done, and where we wanted to go. I never felt pressured, or obliged to follow anything, but I fully trusted her expertise. In fact, she gave me the necessary tools to think by myself. Actually, she not only gave me those tools, but she helped me to use them in the future, by my own. Even if I have more research to do on my own, I see much clearer now and I know what fits me best. I would definitely recommend Benedicte to anyone looking for support and guidance in their professional life. Thank you.”
— Alexia Waldvogel, Man Sang International Kindergarten, Hong-Kong

I’ve experience a powerful transformation in my life over the past 6 months and I credit my coaching sessions with Benedicte as being the very thing that kick started this amazing journey. I knew I was on the verge of a change both personally and professionally but I wasn’t sure what to do next. After months of feeling stuck, a friend of mine recommended coaching with Benedicte and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Benedicte introduced me to tools and exercises that assisted me in finding clarity and focus. She helped me embrace my core strengths and values as well as identify self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns that were holding me back from achieving my goals. She is an experienced, empathetic and gifted coach with a genuine passion for helping her clients rise to their true potential. I’m truly grateful that Benedicte came into my life, working with her has been a priceless investment in my future.
— Christie Pike, Digital Communications Specialist, SelfDesign Learning Systems Inc., Vancouver
Christie Pike.200x200.jpg

I reached out to Bénédicte for support when I found myself in a very unsure and confusing place with respect to my career. Having seen another coach in the past without great success, I approached my relationship with Bénédicte with cautious skepticism at first – only to be proven wrong! With her arsenal of tools, her innate ability to understand her clients and their values and her honesty, Bénédicte has been the perfect guide to help me through my journey of transition. She set up effective homework assignments, and structured our sessions to ensure that I was getting the best value out of her time, her skills and most importantly, myself. Although this may sound cliché, Bénédicte really helped me to think ‘outside the box’.
— Karan Mehta, Vancouver, Canada