I am trained and certified in the Co-Active Coaching Model – a process of personal and professional development that begins with the assumption that only you can find the solutions to your challenges. 

As a certified coach in the co-active model, I do not offer advice or instruction. Instead, I ask thought-provoking questions, listen and empower you to use the skills and creativity you already possess to find your meaning and your way.

I use the co-active model as a basis for an integrative coaching practice. I draw from my multidisciplinary background that includes experience in luxury hospitality and marketing as well an MBA; a Master’s in Career Consulting; and certifications in life coaching and psychometric testing to provide a holistic approach to career development. I have lived and studied success in business from many perspectives and offer them all to my clients.


In our performance-based world it is easy to lose sight of the value of real connection and self awareness, the very qualities necessary to inspire and inform who we are and what gives us meaning. 

The Co-Active model balances defining both who you are and what you do - as both shape your identity - and propels people and organizations to higher achievement, deeper connection and a sense of fulfillment.

The ‘Active’ is about taking action.

It defines what you must do to align with who you are, as defined in ‘Co.’


The ‘Co’ is about relationships and collaboration.

It defines who you are, what you value and what you want.

It is in the balance between ‘Co’ and ‘Active’ that we learn how to take purposeful action driven by self-awareness.

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Having Benedicte as my Career Coach was one of the best decisions I have made. Benedicte is personable, insightful, caring, calculated, and results oriented. The tools she provided me with are invaluable and something I will use in both my career and personal life. I would not hesitate to recommend Benedicte to anyone looking for a life or career coach!
— Elyse Dodge, Visual Artist at Elyse Dodge Art, Vancouver, Canada

When I was first referred to Bénédicte, I was unaware of the life changing journey that I was about to undergo. I came to her because my life felt stagnant and I lacked the passion that I once held for my profession. Through her versatile and intuitive style of coaching she has helped me to identify both professional and personal values. She has helped me to develop strategies for achieving goals and for honoring my core values. Bénédicte’s encouragement and coaching has since helped me to achieve a new career at which I feel fulfilled and driven. Without her influence I would likely not be where I am today. I strongly believe that there is something for everyone in coaching and would highly recommend Bénédicte to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.
— Ashley Borne, Transportation Designer, BA Group, Toronto, Canada